What is a Vegan and Plant-Based Beauty brand?

​No animal product is use or tested in the making of any products. In Addition all ingredients are created and extracted from plants.

 Updo Beauty is committed to all animal lovers and advocates across the globe. Our unique products are 100% cruelty free and never tested on animals. Our CEO never wants to see any of our products tested on animals' skin or see any animal hurt in the production process. We source the highest quality ingredients and stand by the high standards of our products.

Who are Updo Beauty's clients?

​Everyone, seriously!!! If you are bold, fun, a woman or man, and love products that are thoughtfully created then you are definitely the kind of forever customer we are looking for.

How was Updo Beauty  started?

Our CEO & founder (Catherine Marrs) has always been passionate about design and wanted to have her own business. She grew up working at her father's small business in Honduras and she learned at a young age that she liked managing and starting new businesses. Catherine also works as a Residential Designer at her family-owned Structural Engineering firm she started with her husband Nick Marrs in Torrance, California. 

The idea of Updo Beauty came to Catherine while taking weekend bath and soap-making classes. Catherine has always had thick, dull, frizzy, and dry hair and scalp. She desperately sought to find a solution that involved natural, plant-based products, so she started experimented by making products at home. After many months of trial-and-error and using all her own products, she saw amazing results and transformed her dry hair into healthy hair -- she had to share these results with others so she started Updo Beauty. Updo Beauty currently offers hair care products and is currently in the process of expanding their product line to include additional beauty categories beyond hair products.

Where can I find and purchase your products?

You can find and purchase our products online at:

We hope to see our products selling at many retail stores all across Los Angeles and the US very soon.

Is Updo Beauty part of any animal rescue organization?

Yes, in fact a portion of your purchase from Updo Beauty will help to saves lives.  Updo Beauty is committed and focused on saving animals' lives and advancing their well being.


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All items ordered before 3pm will be shipped the same day, except for orders placed on weekends (Saturday and  Sunday). Items ordered during the weekend will be processed and shipped on the following business day.

Returns & Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges on any sold products.


What should I do if I received  the wrong order or defective product?

If you feel as though the product you received was the wrong item or defective, simply email us and provide a photo of the unused item and a brief explanation of the defect to info@updobeauty.com. Please provide order number, and the customer's last name on subject line. Example: "Return #12345, Smith," our customer care will assist you within 1-2 days upon receiving your email.

 Updo Beauty ensures all products are of the highest quality and values their customers -- without you our business would not be possible, and we thank you!


We are a small business based in Torrance (South Bay), in Los Angeles County, CA. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding our brand or products. We’re happy to hear from you!

Wholesale inquiries?

Email us at info@updobeauty.com with subject line "Wholesale Inquiry - Company Name". We will return and answer your email within 1-2 days upon receipt.